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Top Office 365 Issues: Network Latency issues

Whenever a user complains about slowness in accessing a mailbox, IT administrators often suspect it’s due to an issue with the network. Still, they don’t always have enough information to confirm this.

To confirm the issue, admins will check with other users to see if they’re facing the same issue. Then they’ll try to access Google to confirm the speed of the Internet, and ping to check if there is any packet loss.
If this doesn’t identify the issue, they’ll try to get the hop details and raise a ticket with Microsoft to find out if there are any issues with Office 365. This takes up a lot of time since there’s no proactive approach to checking the latency or DNS issues before a user has complained.

GSX can help administrators fix these issues before users even notice, by pinging the Microsoft end-point every five minutes. If any packet loss is found, it will immediately notify the admins. GSX also automatically gets the average round-trip time, notifying the admins when the threshold limit is exceeded. GSX checks the DNS query resolution, hop details, and latency, and notifies administrators of all of these things when it detects a problem. By proactively monitoring the Microsoft Exchange environment, administrators have the power to identify and resolve issues before any end-user complaints arise.

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