And that’s exactly what GSX Robot Users are doing

Office 365 does not come with built-in end-to-end service quality monitoring. Office 365 is only able to tell you the status of the service inside the Microsoft datacenter. Therefore, you have a blind spot on everything in-between your end-users and the Microsoft cloud.

To understand the service quality, you are delivering to your sites and business lines, you need something that tests it continuously from where your users are located.

GSX Robot Users have been designed to do this. Contrary to any other application performance monitoring tool, they perform synthetic transaction on Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams and Skype actions using Microsoft rich clients while also testing the network conditions.

Designed with and for Enterprises needs

Large deployment of Office 365 usually involves hybrid components such as Microsoft Exchange servers, Azure AD Connect, ADFS and other network & security equipment.

GSX Gizmo is the only solution that measures the health and performance of your hybrid architectures and how your route to the cloud affects the end-user experience, site by site.

Does your proxy or your DNS configuration degrade the service quality? Are your remaining Exchange servers working well with your cloud environment? All these questions find answers with GSX Gizmo for Office 365.

Proactive and smart
Office 365 alerting

Microsoft constantly delivers new features on Office 365 that may impact your service delivery and network. Infrastructure changes can happen 24/7, affecting your end-user experience and your business lines. That’s why you need to be alerted, in real-time, when your IT operations are at risk and you need comprehensive data to evaluate the situation.

Without data explaining when the issues really started, the severity, frequency and which sites, services, actions they impact, IT is flying blind.

GSX Gizmo proactive alerts provide you all the information you need to work directly on the issues before they become a problem for the business lines and the IT operation.

Data that matters

Because data is only valuable if you can interpret it, our team works continuously on service delivery dashboards that are targeted to your organization’s needs.

  • Top level dashboards for executives and Office 365 program managers with instant insight on overall Office 365 service delivery quality and user satisfaction, at the organizational, site and workload level.
  • Detailed workload service quality dashboards for the IT operations presenting all the information they need to understand service delivery issues, from an end-user and network perspective, site by site.
  • Real-time dashboards that are easily sharable to any on your team involved in Office 365 service delivery

You now understand your service quality Involve the teams you need to improve the end-user experience, justify the cost and success of your initiatives.