Users are really sensitive regarding MS Teams quality of service. This is normal because most of the usage of Teams is synchronous.
User satisfaction highly relies on Microsoft Teams performance, whether you…

                  • Send an instant messaging,
                  • Use a channel to upload, download a document or post a message,
                  • Search for users, checking their presence
                  • Use MS Teams to perform all your internal or external calls & web meetings.

That is why when it comes to Microsoft Teams, slow is really the new down. But don’t worry. GSX has your back.


Sustaining optimal Microsoft Teams performance & user satisfaction

GSX Gizmo allows you to install Robot Users at each of your sites. These Robots are using MS Teams exactly as your users would do via synthetic transactions. While doing that, they capture every network statistic (Jitter, Packet Loss, Healed Ratio, MOS, etc.) to determine whether there is an issue related to them.

You now have a 24/7 measure of the Microsoft Teams user experience, alerting you in case of any issue and reporting on service delivery site by site.

Deploying Microsoft Teams smoothly

As MS Teams consumes a lot of network & bandwidth capabilities, you want to make sure that your sites handle the load during deployment and the adoption phase. And for that, monitoring the end-user experience, continuously, is critical.

With GSX Gizmo you can test your route to the cloud and the end-user experience before deployment to spot critical service delivery issues before you onboard users.

Then, you can prevent unexpected issues and delay during your project by checking if adding users on each site is degrading the quality of service experienced by your business lines.

Ensuring Microsoft Teams service quality for your business lines

Providing MS Teams quality of service 24/7 in a distributed environment with many critical offices is a challenge. Indeed, any change in your network or locally can dramatically degrade the end-user experience (bandwidth, switch, DNS, WIFI, security device, etc.).

Being able to spot these situations before your users complain is key to deliver a trusted service. That is why 24/7 synthetic transactions are critical. If anything happen during the night that is worth your IT time, our smart alerting will notify them so that they can fix the issue before everybody is at work the next morning.

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Measuring the ROI of your network improvement project

A lot of our customers decide to upgrade their network (centrally or locally) with expensive projects that often lead to a better end-user experience. But how do you measure the ROI of these projects if you don’t measure the quality of service of Microsoft Teams before, during and after your upgrade?

With GSX Gizmo you can easily assess with accurate facts and actionable items the ROI of your upgrade projects, measuring the quality of service of your Instant messaging, channel or call quality during the entire project.

Deploying SD-WAN, increasing the local bandwidth, introducing QoS, upgrading your network device, everything can be now measured in terms of service quality ROI.

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