Hybrid deployment for MS Exchange is still the norm for very large environment for multiple reasons. Whether it is security, compliance or because some subsidiaries are on-premises when the group is online, hybrid environments are harder to manage because they involve multiple hybrid services such as ADFS, Azure AD, Exchange Edge and, sometimes, mailbox servers. And of course, all that needs to work perfectly with Office 365, communicating and integrating with all the other online services.

As if it wasn’t enough, your route to the cloud and your internal network also are at stake to deliver the best end-user experience.

Fortunately for you, complex environments are where GSX Gizmo excels to monitor & report on quality of service!


End-to-end user experience monitoring

GSX Gizmo performs synthetic transactions to test the service no matter if it’s originates from the cloud or from your on-premise servers.

You install the Robot Users in any location you have for them to use the service like any other user, measuring, alerting and reporting 24/7 on potential service degradation.

For that, each Robot uses the outlook client to open its mailbox, send and receive email (mail routing), create meetings, check the free/busy status, send the meeting, create task, resolve users, perform a search, etc.

GSX is the only solution that enables hybrid end-user experience monitoring, making sure “hybrid services” are up and perform well.

Can you send an email from on-premises to online?
Can you create a meeting online and receive it on-premises?
Can you resolve a user name on-premises if your mailbox is in the cloud?

Only GSX Gizmo can tell you. Want a live demo or have specific questions?

Detect mail delivery problems before they impact productivity of your organization

Mail delivery seems a commodity. But as soon as you introduce hybrid components, nothing is guaranteed. Whether it is your security (such as IronPort), misconfiguration, SMTP gateway or any edge server issue, the mail routing can quickly suffer, and your business will too.

GSX Gizmo monitors and analyzes, in detail, the mail delivery inside an Exchange hybrid environment, checking the full path of the email, alerting in case of any issue and showing you actionable items to identify where the issue lies. Let our Robots exchange email, between on-premises to the cloud, through your SMTP, security device, have them round tripping email through the internet or internal and analyze the results!

Microsoft Exchange Servers need your attention

MS Exchange Edge transport servers have a key role in your hybrid environment. And because they directly contribute to the routing service of hybrid Exchange, you need to monitor in relation with Office 365 services.

GSX Gizmo monitors the Edge server component state including HealthSet and backpressure events, the disk space and the critical windows service while providing meaningful details on the mail queues (Submission, Unreachable, Poison) and the most important performance counters (CPU, RAM, etc.).

Now you have visibility to components of your Microsoft Exchange hybrid infrastructure in relation with the mail delivery performance and the end-user experience from anywhere your users are.

You are ready to take on any problem even before your users realize there are any issues.

Ensuring hybrid authentication services

As you know, the authentication in a hybrid environment requires you to ensure the availability and the performance of your Azure AD Connect and ADFS servers.

They are on-premises, but they play a key role in cloud service delivery. That is why GSX Gizmo provides a single pane of glass to monitor everything affecting your end-user experience.

For Azure AD Connect, GSX Gizmo continuously makes sure that the synchronization is happening while checking the number of objects to detect unexpected increases.

For ADFS, our Robots perform a full authentication, exchanging token with the ADFS to guarantee the availability of the service for your users.

Both benefit from our smart alerting system (preventing false alarms), real time availability and performance UI as well as historical PowerBI reporting.