Understanding Microsoft SLA for Office 365

The Office 365 Service Level Agreement you have with Microsoft is difficult to manage. First it addresses only a small portion of what your users are actually using.

A few examples:

  • For MS Exchange, SLA only concerns OWA. If you have E3 & E5 licenses with users only using Outlook, you’re out.
  • SLA for OneDrive only guarantees the view and edit of file store
  • Teams only guarantees instant messaging

You can always try to prove Microsoft wrong on the service they provide out of their data center, but you should probably focus on the service you deliver to your business lines.

The only way to manage Office 365 service quality really delivered to your business lines is to continuously use it, exactly as your users do, from where they are located.


Recovering sight on the service you deliver to your business lines

GSX Gizmo enables you to measure the Office 365 service that is truly experienced at all your sites by your users and to easily report on it.

The GSX Robot Users are working 24/7 from your sites, using Office 365 exactly as a user, with the same fat clients (such as Outlook, Teams) to report on the service quality.

For example, they will send emails, create meetings, perform searches, download or upload on OneDrive/SharePoint, create a Teams Channel, post in it, perform calls, etc.

The GSX Robots measures latency, alerts in case of any issue and reports everything in actionable PowerBI templates, specifically designed to manage the true Office 365 service quality experienced by users.

Dedicated Office 365 Service Level Reports

At GSX, we are working with hundreds of large to very large organizations that need to ensure and justify the service quality they provide to their business line.

For that, we have built end-to-end Office 365 service quality templates that provides detailed and aggregated views of the service experienced by your sites and business lines.

You can directly see the overall Office 365 performance…

  • For your entire organization
  • Site by site
  • Drill down per workload (Exchange, Teams, Skype, OneDrive, Exchange)
  • Per action such as Teams voice of meeting creation

We use PowerBI for you to easily share with any department, any business, or any country regarding end-to-end Office 365 service quality.

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