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How to resolve a PowerShell Kerberos issue

Today I was trying to connect to an Exchange 2013 server using remote PowerShell, and I had this strange error come up: Connecting to remote server SERVERNAME failed with the following error message : WinRM ...

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Enable Remote WMI Access for a Domain User Account

This article will show you how to enable remote WMI access for a domain user account on Exchange or SharePoint. By default, only local administrators can have access to WMI remotely. If you are using a standard...

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PowerShell Tip: Easily Manage all of Your “BYOD” Devices

The “Bring Your Own Device” Trend (BYOD) has been making significant contributions to the enterprise for quite a few years now. About 44% of developed markets have already adopted their own devices ...

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Troubleshooting unknown PowerShell error messages

Dealing with PowerShell remotely can cause many headaches when it comes to troubleshooting issues. Therefore, I have gathered the “best” PowerShell errors I have encountered so far in which the erro...

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3 Major Issues caused by SCOM for IT Professionals

The energy last year at the Microsoft Management Summit was just incredible, and the new release of SCOM seemed to be really impressive…At first glance. SCOM is still the same. It’s powerful. It can manage many...

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Enhance your PowerShell experience by automatically loading scripts

Ever wanted to customize your PowerShell terminal so you can have all your custom function or scripts loaded automatically? Although it is possible to create aliases, functions or variables, everything is only ...

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Monitoring Changes- Why it is important?

Why should Operation managers worry about monitoring Changes in their environment? What is the benefit to them? What pain points shall change monitoring address? We at GSX have long ago recognized the growing ...

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Exchange 2010 Monitoring: Database Management (Part 3, Maintenance)

This is the third part of a four part series that addresses database management in an Exchange 2010 environment. It is meant to provide a good overall introduction into the maintenance and monitoring needed to ...

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ITIL Lesson learned – You can not control what you can not measure

I completed my final ITIL exam today, and one of the questions was about verifying the cost of specific IT services to the business, and it reminded me of these statements: You cannot Manage what you cannot c...

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Exchange 2010 Monitoring: Client Access (Part 2, Performance)

This is the second part of a three part series that addresses monitoring client access in an Exchange 2010 environment.  It is meant to provide a good overall introduction into client access monitoring. This po...